Author Guidelines

Author Guidelines

Manuscript Submission Guidelines

Authors have to submit unpublished manuscript as per the aim and scope of the journal and other policies of the journal mentioned at the website. Authors are requested to ensure the minute exploration of all policies of the journal mentioned on this website. Authors should prepare their manuscript on the following guidelines. 

Concept of Manuscript

Research Paper

Research paper is a piece of writing wherein the writer evaluates and compiles research data through various research tools. The information is restructured to provide an unique viewpoint with supporting evidence and back up analysis.


Article is a written composition to inform the readers about a certain topic. The aim of article is to describe a topic not to persuade the readers towards accepting this views.


Essay is a short writing with detail in viewpoint and less information. It does not necessarily require a comprehensive understanding of a particular topic. 

*Journal of Socio-Economic Review” accepts Research Papers normally.



Language: US English Language
Spelling: Concise Oxford Dictionary or
Space: Double
Page Size: A4
Font: Calibri size 12
Number: 1 to 10 in numeral/ more than 10 in words
Percent Mark: No ‘%’ mark. Use ‘percent’ or ‘percentage’


Appearance: Typed approximately of the appearance of printed tables.
Location: Absolute at positions in text
Numbering of Tables: 1, 2…so on as ‘Table No. 1’
Caption: Required below the table number
Source: Source should be presented just below the table
Unit of Measurement: Required if applicable


Type: .jpg/.png/.exl
Appearance: Typed, Formed or image
Size: 300 Ppi if image
Location: Absolute at positions in text
Numbering of Figures: 1, 2…so on as ‘Figure No. 1’
Caption: Required below the Figure number
Source: Required just below the Figure
Unit of Measurement: Required if applicable


Location: Absolute at positions in text
Format: Excel

File Type

LaTeX are Preferred (Please visit for free software)or MS-Word. All the Manuscript must be in strict accordance to the JCT Template and How to use JCT template.



It must be a summary of the whole work. It must not be more than 250 words. It must be Italic adn font size 10.

Key Words

Keywords are the words that bring your work in searches. This way, keywords must be USP of your work. More than 5 keywords are not allowed.

Citation and References

Place the references at the end of the manuscript. The list should also mention the cited work in the text. We prefer APA style of citation and referencing. You can take the help of Mendeley. Authors name should be same as in the original source. For more than one publication by the same author, list them in chronological order, with the older item first. For more than one publication in one year by the same author, use small lower-case letters to distinguish them (e.g., 1980a, 1980b). Following are some examples: Books- Srivastava, S.K. (1990) Managerial Economics, New Delhi, S. Chand & Co. Ph.D. Thesis- Agarwal, R. K. (2000) “Problems of Small-Scale Industries in India”, Ph. D. Thesis, Meerut University, Meerut. Journal- Narayanan, Rajaram (Oct 2001) . MS word may be used for citation or referencing.

Plagiarism Policy 


Journal of Commerce and Trade follows a foolproof policy of plagiarism check through authentic software. Journal of Commerce and Trade accepts manuscript that are under or equal to 10 percent similiarity level. In this reference JSER accepts the policy of UGC on Plagiarism,-2017.pdf

Self Plagiarism

‘Text-recycling/self plagiarism’ if found is not acceptable. Text recycling/ self plagiarism includes:

  1. Republishing the same paper already published elsewhere without due and full citation.
  2. Publishing smaller/excerpted work form a longer and previous without due and full citations in order to show a larger number of publications.
  3. Reusing data already used in a published work, or communicated for publication, in another work without due and full citation.
  4. Breaking up a longer/larger study into smaller sections and publishing them as altogether new work without due and full citation.
  5. Paraphrasing one’s own previously published work without due and full citation of the original.

Errors and Formatting

Papers with consistency errors in the format and trivial errors in the language will be rejected. 


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